Funding Priorities

During its early decades, the Leland Fikes Foundation funded a broad array of causes.  More recently, the Foundation has intentionally narrowed its focus and now primarily supports organizations concentrated in four major fields.

The Leland Fikes Foundation funds general operations, programs and direct services, advocacy, and capacity building in alignment with our four strategic priorities:

Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice
We support a range of strategies to improve access to reproductive healthcare.

Civic Engagement
We seek to strengthen a free, inclusive, and transparent democracy. This work includes support for public policy, advocacy, litigation, civic engagement, and expanding voting access.

Dallas-Area Human Services
We support our local community though a variety of social service organizations addressing community needs such as housing, food, employment, and physical and mental health.

Medical Research (by invitation only)
We invest in innovative and promising medical research projects to advance science and healthcare.

Just as systemic racism and other structural inequities permeate all areas of society, we seek to further equity through all areas of our grantmaking.  Applicants should be prepared to share how racial equity informs their program development and implementation.  We are committed to listening, learning, collaborating, and deepening our work to combat racism and injustice in each of our stated priority areas.


We prioritize organizations working at the national level, at the state level in Texas, and locally in Dallas.

Funding By Priority Area

Last 10 Years (2011-2020)

  Total Granted
of Grants
Grant Size
Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice $15,944,132 95 $167,833
Civic Engagement $11,784,000 143 $84,154
Dallas-Area Human Services $10,862,223 149 $71,223
Health and Medicine, including medical research $24,598,238 75 $327,977
Total Granted $63,188,593 462 $136,772